Adult all breed with salmon

Salmon with krill
All breed

For adult sensitive dogs of all breeds of suspected food allergies.

FREEZE - DRIED MEAT COATED. The Quattro product range is made using an innovative "freeze-dried meat coated" technology. This exclusive solution allows coating the kibble with freeze -dried meat, both enriching Quattro kibbles with naturally preserved nutrients and ensuring that your pet is going to love the product.

FULL SOURCED. Full sourced for full nutrition. Organs provides essential vitamins and minerals. Cartilage helps support maintenance of joint tissues. Bones and muscle meat provide animal protein and minerals like Calcium, that supports right development of strong muscle and bones.

NO GRAIN. QUATTRO all breed range is made without grains such as wheat, soy, barley and other substances causing allergic reactions (gluten, GMO).

Adult all breed with salmon
Adult all breed with salmon
Packages: 12 kg, 3 kg.
73 %
100 %
0 %
Sensitive digestion

High quality salmon provides your dog with an easily-digestible protein, prebiotics, and plant-based fibres to support the digestive tract and to help in maintaining proper stool quality.

No grain

All breed line are made without grains. Products are crafted with fiber-rich potatoes and beet pulp as a daily grain free food for sensitive all breed dogs.

Powered by krill

Natural Docosahexaenoic (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic (EPA) omega-3 fatty acids from whole Antarctic krill support normal brain and vision functioning, while also working as natural antioxidants to support the immune system.

Skin & coat

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, together with Zinc and vitamins from the B group, help to maintain healthy skin, soft and glossy coat.

Composition & Nutritional additives
Feeding guide

Salmon 33,5 % (whole salmon meal 24 %, salmon oil 9,5 %), dried potatoes, sweet potatoes, yellow peas, whole Antarctic krill meal 4 %, dried beet pulp, hydrolyzed salmon 2,5 %, linseed, brewer’s yeast, minerals, pea protein, freeze-dried salmon, prebiotics (chicory inulin, MOS, yucca extract), dried cranberries, glucosamine (0,025 %), chondroitin sulphate (0,01 %), dried herbs and fruit extract (rosemary, turmeric, marigold flower, clove, grapefruit extract).

Vitamin A
18 000 IU
Vitamin D3
1 000 IU
Vitamin E
530 mg
Vitamin B2
10 mg
Niacin (3a314)
25 mg
Calcium-D-pantothenate (3a841)
15 mg
Biotin (3a880)
0,28 mg
Vitamin B1
5 mg
Vitamin B6
5 mg
Vitamin B12
0,05 mg
Folic acid (3a316)
1 mg
Iron (3b103)
50 mg
Iodine (3b201)
1,5 mg
Copper (3b405)
8 mg
Manganese (3b503)
20 mg
Zinc (3b605; 3b607)
100 mg
Taurine (3a370; 2b16056)
325 mg
Choline chloride (3a890)
4 g
Technological additives: tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils (1b306(i)), rosemary extract
Crude protein
26 %
Crude fat
15 %
Crude ash
8 %
Crude fibre
3 %
1,2 %
0,9 %
0,6 %
0,2 %
1,66 %
2,66 %
2,95 %
Balanced formula for your pet for everyday health & vitality.

Feeding instruction: serve the food dry or slightly moistened. Fresh water should be available at all times when feeding dry food. Introduce new product gradually, at least in 5 days with increasing daily dose till final recommended.

Balanced formula for your pet for everyday health & vitality. Balanced formula for your pet for everyday health & vitality.
* The amount presented in table are guidelines only and should be adapted according to individual dog needs.
QUATTRO - More than just a great taste.
QUATTRO - More than just a great taste.


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